Meet Luke
Luke was raised by his mother, a preschool teacher, and his grandfather, a pediatrician, who taught Luke about the value of helping others. Luke’s dad owned a CD store, and when technology changed and the store had to close, Luke saw first hand the impact a changing economy can have on a family.
Most recently, Luke ran one of the largest voter registration programs in Texas history. During Winter Storm Uri, Luke saw Texas values in action - Texans quick to help their neighbors get through the storm. And he was also enraged by the failure of Texas’ elected officials to take responsibility or look out for Texans.
Luke studied economics and political science because he understood how the intersection of those two fields have such a significant impact on people’s lives. He started his career as an organizer on the 2012 Obama campaign, but has spent most of his career in the private sector, working to help businesses grow and create more jobs around the world while also remaining accountable to their customers.
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